Basic valet 

Citrus pre wash

Vehicle rinsed 

Safely washed



Interior quickly vacuumed 

Plastics cleaned 

Maintenance valet 

Citrus prewash 


Snowfoam applied and left to dwell

Wheels and tyres cleaned

Vehicle Safely washed

Door shuts and fuel filler area washed 

Paint sealant applied

Vehicle dried with towel or blower 

Interior vacuumed 

Dashboard and door cards cleaned 

Windows cleaned 

Tyre dressing applied 

New car detail.

Buying a new car is a big investment. When the vehicle comes into the dealer the paintwork can get scratched and interior can get dirty from all the different people entering them. When the car is sold the cars are washed which can add swirl marks onto the paint. Some dealers may offer there protection programme but it might not be applied correctly. 

Your new vehicle will be carefully prepared to my high standard. I will go over the vehicle with the owner before any work is carried out to point out any problems. 

New car protection packages to suite the customers budget.